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Next Cohort Begins Week of Oct 9th

Divorce Coaches Academy is on a MISSION

To train and educate professional divorce coaches that are prepared with excellent conflict management and coaching skills to lessen the financial and emotional impact of divorce on families.

We believe divorce shouldn't bankrupt anyone and kids don't deserve to be caught in the crossfire.

There's a different way to do divorce.

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Why Divorce
Coaches Academy?

When clients get better at conflict and communication, they have a better divorce. So we anchor every teaching in the principles of alternative dispute resolution.

DCA is an experienced team of practicing ADR professionals who are in touch with the current landscape of divorce.


We know what clients are seeking, what makes mediation and negotiation effective, and what it takes to build a successful business.

That means you'll get all the theory and education along with instructors who can get real with you about what it's like to do this work.

We're revolutionary and we're on a mission.

Divorce coach certification and training aligned with the shift to mediation and other ADR processes

Industry expert instructors in touch with the needs of both clients and divorce professionals

Specialty trainings to expand your skills, your market, and your client base

Free networking events to connect with other growth-minded professionals

An On Demand library of affordable classes to learn and earn CEU's on your own schedule

No membership fees or annual dues - there's no extra cost to be part of the DCA community

DCA is actively advocating to raise awareness and standards of practice for the the profession of divorce coaching


Learn more about our
coach training aligned with
alternative dispute resolution
practices to reduce cost and
conflict for families.


Continuing Education

Explore specialty training
intensives, our complete
library of On Demand classes,
free networking events, and
case consultation and
mastermind groups.


Need divorce help? DCA
trained divorce coaches are
ready to support you through
every stage of the process.
Search our coach directory
and find your perfect match.

Students Love Our Approach!

Highly Recommended Divorce Coach Certification Training

Terri DeCoster, ADRDC

This DCA coach training offered excellent content and resources for divorce coaches with an ADR focus. The program was well organized, full of effective concepts and learnings, and well balanced between the online independent learning and live group sessions. Tracy and Debra are excellent, informed, compassionate trainers and I highly recommend this program.

Transformative, Conflict Focused Divorce Coach Training

Kelli Sedwick-Drummond, ADRDC

My DCA training has been transformative. My biggest takeaway was how important it is to take a different approach during conflict. A small shift can change everything. The skills from the program apply in way more than just coaching. Debra and Tracy are excellent instructors with a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this program!!

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