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online divorce support


Groups offer an affordable way to get access to professional coaching, relevant information, and a supportive community for your divorce and co-parenting journey.

Weekly Group Meetings
$75 a Month

Uncertain, Overwhelmed, or Scared?

Our coaches get it! And we're ready to provide small group support so you can have the information, tools, and skills you need to make the best decisions for yourself, your kids, and your family - no matter the circumstances.

The divorce process requires you to make a ton of big decisions with big consequences. From how to get started to dividing finances to what's worth fighting for, every choice you make affects your future.

You don't have to do divorce alone.

Get the Best of Both

Professional Coaching + Community Support

Beginning March 5/6

Upcoming Topics

The important information you need to know before, during and after divorce

March 2024

  • Preparing for Divorce: Top 5 Tips

  • Divorce Options: Should An Attorney Be Your First Call?

  • First Things You Need to Know About Money

  • How to Break the News to Your Spouse

April 2024

  • Can I (or Should I ) Keep the House?

  • Managing Emotions When You’re Overwhelmed, Angry or Hurt

  • Will I Get Spousal Support?

  • Protecting Kids From Parental Conflict

May 2024

  • Divorcing a Difficult Character

  • No Regrets Divorce and Your Best Self

  • Making the Right Divorce Decisions

  • Think You Can't Mediate?

  • Being the CEO of Your Own Divorce Process

June 2024

  • How Do You Define a Win in Divorce?

  • Making and Responding to Proposals

  • Negotiation Language That Works

  • Child Centered Parenting Plans

Benefits of DCA Group Coaching

1. Affordable
Get weekly access to a certified, professional divorce coach for just $75/month. Perfect for those seeking professional support at a lower price point.

2. Educational
Each week our coaches and experts will present need-to-know information about divorce, conflict, co-parenting and wellness to help you navigate the challenges you face.

3. Supportive

You'll be part of a safe, judgment-free space where you can explore your feelings, your fears, and your big questions with others on the same journey. 

4. Positive

We believe in you and your ability not only to survive divorce, but show up as the best version of yourself. To make choices that are consistent with your character, align with your values, and propel you toward your future.

What to Expect From DCA Group Coaching

Group Agreements

We value your safety and peace of mind. Every group member will be asked to adhere to basic agreements to provide a supportive environment for all.



Members Only

Equal Time

Encouragement Over Advice


Meet Heather

Your DCA Coach Facilitator

Heather is an experienced Divorce and Co-Parenting Coach and Mediator who works with clients to minimize the negative impact of divorce on families. Through coaching, she supports individuals to better understand the process, what causes conflict, and what helps and harms children during divorce so they can create the smoothest transition possible.

She is dually certified as a DCA® Certified ADR Divorce Coach and a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach. She holds a Masters of Education, is certified as a New Ways For Families Co-Parent Coach, is trained as a Mediator, serves as a Parent Educator with Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, and is a member of the Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals.


Heather also works with DCA® as a mentor coach in our divorce coach certification program in addition to facilitating groups and seeing clients one-on-one in her private practice.

Heather Cary (1)_edited.png

Groups Begin March 5/6

We have coaches ready to support you. New groups will be added based on demand.


Having a divorce coach made all the difference. I was able to think more clearly and make better decisions. By working with a coach I was able to slow down, focus on my goals and avoid some big mistakes

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