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Meet the DCA Leadership Team

Tracy Callahan

DCA Founder, Advisory Board Member, and Master Educator

As the founding member of Divorce Coaches Academy (DCA), Tracy Callahan is an impassioned educator and a committed advocate for the ongoing professional development and practice of divorce coaches, nationally and internationally. Tracy brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the profession of Divorce Coaching as the Manager of the Mentor and Peer Coaching Programs for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certifying body, speaker, presenter and contributing author to the best selling book, Divorce: Taking the High Road: Simple Strategies for Creating a Healthy Divorce.

Practicing as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Tracy has built her practice and reputation as an alternative dispute resolution specialist and conflict expert over the past 13 years. She received her BS and MA from New York University in healthcare and worked as a healthcare administrator, operations specialist, and adjunct professor at NYU, for many years prior to joining the field of mediation and divorce coaching. As a life-long learner, Tracy recognizes how important the role of continuing education is for one’s own professional development and success. She is confident that DCA will provide certified and practicing professional divorce coaches with the resources and educational opportunities they need to enhance the work they do with their clients and grow successful business practices.

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