Powerful Questioning, Powerful Results

Powerful questioning in your coaching conversations leads to powerful results. Learning how to best use questioning to support your client’s awareness of their underlying issues and and self-reflection of their needs is the key to supporting them in achieving their goals and removing the barriers that stand in their way.

But powerful questioning is not just about asking questions or knowing which question to ask.

In Powerful Questioning, Powerful Results, you will learn the tools necessary to support the coaching conversation and your client’s achievement of their goals through the use of powerful questioning that is meaningful, client-focused, and elevates the relationship between the coach and the client beyond dictating and prescribing. At the conclusion of this class, participants will be able to :

1. Identify 3 characteristics of powerful questioning.
2. Understand the difference between a powerful “question: and powerful “questioning”
3. Identify 3 benefits for the coach and client in utilizing powerful questioning in a coaching session
4. Demonstrate the ability to effectively utilize powerful questioning in conjunction with active listening.

As a CDC Certified Divorce Coach and Family Court Mediator, DCA Founder & Master Educator Tracy Callahan understands the transformational impact of powerful questioning and is looking forward to sharing her perspectives and experience with you.

What's Included

Every DCA class includes information you need to hone your coaching skills or grow your practice presented by an industry expert.

  • Watch the recorded version of the live class - same great content!

  • Download handouts and/or instructor slide deck

  • Quiz to check your skills/learning

  • CEU certificate upon completion

Want to Get Even More Powerful Results?

Learn how powerful questioning helps clients break through barriers and obstacles so they can reach their goals.