The Art of Grassroots Marketing: Less Money Out, More Money In

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to build trust, promote your services, build your client base and grow your bank account balance. Most coaches launching and or growing their independent divorce coaching practices have limited resources to spend on paid marketing campaigns. In terms of cost and performance, there are very few tactics as effective as grassroots marketing.

In The Art of Grassroots Marketing: Less Money Out, More Money In, you'll get the information you need to help understand the basic principles of this method of low cost marketing as well as key strategies for leveraging your clients and target audience to endorse and spread your message to build trust, validation and social proof. At the conclusion of this class, participants will be able to: 

1. Identify 3 benefits of grassroots marketing.

2. Understand 3 essential steps in developing a grassroots marketing campaign.

3. Identify 2-3 grassroots marketing ideas for implementation in their own coaching practice.

Join DCA Founder and Master Educator Tracy Callahan as she shares the tips and tricks she uses every day to spread the word without spending a dime.

What's Included

Every DCA class includes information you need to hone your coaching skills or grow your practice presented by an industry expert.

  • Watch the recorded version of the live class - same great content!

  • Download handouts and/or instructor slide deck

  • Quiz to check your skills/learning

  • CEU certificate upon completion

Need to Market Your Practice on a Budget?

Learn how grassroots marketing can be low cost the key to building trust and promoting your services.