Join Somatic Practitioner and Divorce Coach Michelle Browning as she shares how she effectively coaches clients in states of overwhelm to get grounded, centered and effectively mobilized.

Many of our clients come to us after an extended period of chronic stress in their marriage and they are frozen as they face the prospect of the additional stress of the divorce process. In this state of overwhelm, their capacity for memory, learning, retaining information, problem solving and decision making is limited. Even the most amicable of divorces come with more tasks, more decisions, more deadlines, more change, more unknowns. More stress!!

As a divorce coach, it can be frustrating to work with this state of shut down, collapse and inability to shift. It can look like lack of follow through, procrastination, stalling, indecision or lack of focus. You see wide eyes, clenched jaw, shoulders gripping and arms bracing. They feel like giving up, walking away and pulling the covers over their head. Mindset tips and techniques cannot penetrate this state. It’s a physical experience that calls for physical intervention. 

You might think these are clients to refer to therapy, but not so fast! With somatic awareness and practices, you can effectively work with clients in this state without adding to their overwhelm. These are skills that will serve them in all aspects of life and long after their divorce is final. 

In this interactive 4-week workshop, coaches will experience powerful resources to offer clients.

You’ll learn:

  • How to co-design a coaching alliance that honors the client’s state, pace and capacity. 
  • To manage your own state so you can attune to your clients’.
  • Practices for regulating an overwhelmed system.
  • Tools to gently expand capacity for managing stress.
  • How to create conditions for flexibility in thoughts, emotions and behaviors.
  • To amplify your clients’ growing resiliency and the foundation they build for thriving beyond this transition

Meet Your Instructor

Michelle Browning

Michelle Browning’s work centers around supporting greater flexibility, stability, regulation and capacity in the nervous system. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified Divorce Coach, educator, group facilitator and mentor coach. She is passionate about bringing nervous system awareness and resources to professionals who work with humans in relationship, transition, conflict and divorce. She lives in Los Angeles near the beach where she roller skates, walks her dog, savors sunsets and all things organic. You can find her at www.michellebrowning.com

Let's Learn to Incorporate Somatic Awareness and Practices

BEGINS 3/13/2023