You don't have to be a financial pro to dive into divorce finances with your clients. Let a CDFA show you how!

Ever get questions like these from clients:

  • How do I know if I can afford to leave?
  • How will I ever support myself?
  • What if I don't know anything about money?
  • What should I ask for?
  • How will I know if it's fair?
  • Isn't hiring an attorney expensive? I don't have that kind of money.


Money fears are a big deal in divorce and financial decisions have long-lasting consequences. No wonder so many clients (and coaches) would prefer to leave the numbers to the pros.

Financial professionals play a vital role in divorce. Nobody wants an amateur deciphering a tax return, valuing a business, tracing complicated separate property, or calculating the present value of a pension.

But there is so much you CAN do as a divorce coach to get your clients started on the road to financial literacy and good decision making.

In this course we'll cover:

🔸    Planning for divorce costs

🔸    Gathering financial documents

🔸    Defining marital lifestyle

🔸    Estimating cash flow needs (monthly budget)

🔸    Identifying assets and debts

🔸    Proposal development

🔸    Introduction to tax implications

🔸    When to involve financial professionals

Even if you failed high school algebra or the word "budget" makes you break out in a sweat, we promise you can work through some basic divorce finances with your clients. From prioritizing their short-term and long-term needs to assessing when (and how) to effectively engage financial professionals

This financial foundations course at Divorce Coaches Academy™ is the first of its kind, specifically designed for the professional, practicing Divorce Coach in their role as an alternative dispute resolution specialist.

Students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of completion and earn 4 CEU's.

Divorce Financial Foundations from a CDFA

  • Classroom Instruction

    Four 60-minute sessions of teaching and learning. Attend live and online via Zoom or watch on demand.

    Tuesdays 12:00 - 1:00pm ET
    Jan 10, 17, 24 and 31

  • Worksheets

    You'll get plenty of resources and spreadsheets to use with your clients to start understanding their money and make informed decisions throughout their divorce.

  • Increase Your Impact

    When you have the confidence to work through the numbers, clients stay engaged longer and gain more confidence. And that means more impact and more revenue.

I'm a Coach - Why Learn About Divorce Finances?

Money is a big deal in divorce. And sure, there are plenty of financial professionals out there that can help your clients analyze it all. But did you know you can help your clients do a ton of good decision making about their money before they need to get the pros involved?

By adding some basic divorce financial planning skills to your toolbox, you expand your market and your clients benefit in so many ways. Here are just a few:

  • More money confidence

  • Better decision making

  • Helps identify priorities

  • Assists with proposal development

  • More prepared for attorney

  • Can lower conflict

  • Manages expectations

  • Makes future planning possible

Divorce Financial Foundations Instructor

CDC, CDFA, DCA Co-Founder and Master Educator

Debra Doak

Debra Doak is a highly trained divorce professional serving in multiple roles as a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Ohio Supreme Court trained Family Court Mediator, Certified Abuse Specialist, Betrayal Trauma Recovery Specialist, Pastoral Counselor and the author of High Conflict Divorce for Women. Debra brings an incredibly well-rounded set of tools and credentials to serve her clients before, during, and after divorce and shares her expertise helping clients experiencing emotional abuse and betrayal trauma design an Exit Strategy to leave toxic marriages without fear.

Learn to Help Clients Make Smart Financial Decisions in Divorce

BEGINS 1/10/2023

You CAN do this!