Critical Coaching Conversations:
How Do We Tell the Kids We're Getting Divorced?

Parents never know how kids will react to the news "we're getting divorced", but they do know they want to deliver that news in a way that children are best able to receive and process it.

Learn to coach clients through the process of choosing when, what, and how much to tell. Help them set the tone with their co-parent for a divorce that shields the children from conflict. 

Join DCA master educator and child-centered mediator Tracy Callahan and learn to coach clients so they feel ready to have a compassionate, age-appropriate  conversation with their kids including:

  • Pre-plan with their co-parent
  • What all kids need to know
  • Age-appropriate information
  • Don't make promises they can't keep
  • Kids all react differently
  • Watch for signs of distress
  • What's important after the talk

With your support, clients can feel less afraid and more confident to approach one of the scariest conversations of their lives.

Critical Coaching Conversations: Part 1

Telling Their Spouse

"It's time to tell my spouse I want a divorce, but I'm scared. How can I do it in a way that's respectful, safe, and doesn't turn into a huge fight?"

That initial conversation sets the tone for the rest of the divorce process. Learn to prepare clients to tell their spouse they want a divorce in a kind, gentle and yet firm way that heads off conflict and prevents circular conversations.

Join Debra Doak and learn how to coach clients through this critical conversation.

What's Included

Every DCA class includes information you need to hone your coaching skills or grow your practice presented by an industry expert.

  • Watch the recorded version of the live class - same great content!

  • Download handouts and/or instructor slide deck

  • Quiz to check your skills/learning

  • CEU certificate upon completion

Clients Scared to Tell Their Children They're Getting Divorced?

Help your clients plan a talk that's compassionate, age-appropriate , and shields their kids from divorce conflict.